Centre for Law and Democracy

Centre for Law and Democracy (CLD) is an organization based in Halifax, Canada that works to promote, protect and develop human rights which serve as the foundation for or underpin democracy, including the rights to freedom of expression, to vote and participate in governance, to access information and to freedom of assembly and association.

Specifically, UNESCO is partnering with CLD’s Toby Mendel, a renowned expert in the field of law with a strong track-record of engagements in a number of countries on legal reviews and training related to human rights legislation reform and implementation. As part of the STMJO project component on assisting the Government of Jordan in improving the Jordanian legal framework to better balance freedom with obligations, closer in line with international standards, Mr. Mendel undertook thorough reviews of three pieces of legislation. Those reviews can be viewed here.

In addition, Mr. Mendel facilitated a pilot training for government officials on the ATI Law and its implementation.

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