Community radio consultants

Sawsan Zaidah is an expert in community radio and media development in the Arab region. She is a consultant for a number of international organisations in the field of media development. She is a researcher and coauthor of studies on the media in Jordan. Since 2004, Sawsan has been active in establishment and capacity development for community media initiatives in Jordan and other Arab countries. She was elected as the Vice President for MENA region at the World Association for Community Broadcasters (AMARC) from 2011-2014. Ms. Zaidah worked as a journalist specialized in media affairs at, and a program development director, radio manager and editor-in-chief at Community Media Network (CMN).

Ayman Bardawil is a media development consultant, who has been working in the media management and development field since 1996 in several countries. He served as the director of Al-Quds Educational TV, and co-founded and chaired the Ma’an TV network, a network of 10 local TV stations in Palestine. Mr. Bardawil also served as the executive director of community station Radio Al-Balad in Jordan, the capacity building manager of the Jordan Royal Film Commission and the programs manager of the Doha Centre for Media Freedom in Qatar. He co-founded the KARAMA Human Rights Film Festival and the Arab Human Rights Film Network (ANHAR).

Mohammad Rayyan is a multimedia technical consultant, who has been working in the media field since 2002 as a sound engineer. He worked with Jordan’s Radio Al Balad as a studio manager, and helped produce and direct a number of radio programs in a number of local and regional radio stations. Mr. Rayyan is a specialist in providing substantive technical support in the establishment of community radio and has experience in hands-on training for the operation of radio stations. Since 2013, he has been working with Community Media Network (CMN) as coordinator of projects.

Together, Ms Zaidah, Mr Rayyan and Mr Bardawil are working with seven community radio initiatives around the Kingdom on capacity development, programming support, management and technical assistance. The participating radio stations are Al Al-Bayt Radio at Al Al-Bayt University and Najah Radio by Hikaya for Civil Society Development from Mafraq, Al Attaya Radio from Al Attaya Charity Association in north east Zarqa,  Sawt Al Ghour Radio from Karak, Jlnar Jerash Radio from Jlnar for Media Training and Broadcast from Jerash, Yarmouk FM in Irbid, and Farah Al Nas Radio, which is national.

Watch the video of one of their community radio retreats here.