Freedom, Independence, Professionalism

Freedom, independence and professionalism are three core concepts that the Support to Media in Jordan project is addressing and lie at the heart of UNESCO’s mandate to promote freedom of expression worldwide as a basic human right.

A free, independent and professional media environment is fundamental to the process of democracy and sustainable development. If journalists can express themselves and access information freely, if they can operate independently from political forces and without fearing to being censored, and if professional standards are being followed, a democracy can be fostered in a sustainable way. Moreover, the media sector itself becomes a platform for democratic dialogue and a crucial instrument to transparency and accountability in a society.

UNESCO’s understanding of these concepts is complementary and we believe that they are integral not only for journalists and media activists, but for all citizens in a society. It is every individual that profits of a free, independent and professional media.

See the project brief here [EN/AR].

Media freedom is everyone’s freedom. Media independence is everyone’s independence. Professional journalism makes a difference.