Jordan Media Institute


Jordan Media Institute (JMI) is Jordan’s leading higher education institution providing a one year practical MA in Journalism and journalism training programmes, in Arabic. JMI aims to become an unparalleled Centre of Excellence in the Middle East to help improve the standards, raise the integrity and rebuild public trust in journalism in Jordan and the region at large.

UNESCO is partnering with JMI on two project components, local radios and Media and Information Literacy (MIL). For local radios, JMI is coordinating a comprehensive training and capacity building program with enhanced program output of a number of the local radio stations. For the MIL component, JMI is providing action-oriented technical assistance in 1) inclusion of MIL into the curriculum of two teachers training colleges, and 2) introduction of MIL as part of the existing Jordanian curriculum for grades 7-9 in a pilot phase.

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