Objectives and Design

The Support to Media in Jordan project is part of a broader EU initiative to support civil society and media in Jordan.

Its primary objective is to strengthen an enabling regulatory and institutional environment and to build the capacity for an independent, quality based media sector in Jordan serving the entire population.  With this, the project supports Jordan in its efforts to strengthen Jordanian democracy and the possibility for men, women and youth to express themselves and access credible information.

The programme is based on a holistic, two-phase approach. Activities of phase one (August 2014 – July 2015) include a thorough analysis of the Jordanian media landscape on the basis of the UNESCO Media Development Indicators (MDI) framework and a review of the implementation of the media strategy action plan. The review of the action plan is taking place through a comprehensive and consultative stakeholder process with the media sector and relevant government representatives, taking into account the preliminary findings of the MDI analysis.

Phase two (starting in August 2015) will address capacity and institutional building of the media sector on the basis of phase one of the project. The second phase of the project will: 

  • Strengthen journalism education institutions
  • Support the efforts of the Media Strategy Committee in establishing an independent media complaints body developing and overseeing a code of conduct
  • Support the development of public service media broadcasting
  • Support the capacity of local and community media
  • Enrich Media Literacy Education in Jordanian schools